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It has been an epic weekend with plenty of riding at Wakestock 2012. This year the title of Wakestock Champion was awarded to Dan Nott! Amber Wing went home with the women’s title and not forgetting the WWA results with Felix Georgii taking top position. Congratulations to them all and everyone who made it into the finals with awesome riding all-round.

Full Results

Pro Men

1st Dan Nott
2nd Danny Thollander
3rd Daniel Powers
4th Sam Carne
5th David O’Caoimh
6th Dylon Mitchel

Pro Women

1st Amber Wing
2nd Hayley Smith
3rd Nicola Butler

WWA Rails Europeans

1st Felix Georgii
2nd Nico Von Lerchenfeld
3rd James Windsor
4th Marc Rossiter

Wakeskate Best Trick and Overall

Ollie Moore
Ladies Pool Gap Best Trick and Overall
Nicola Butler
Wakestock Big Air
Connor Jones

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