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Sky Sports News are showcasing Wakeboarding as part of their ‘Get Involved’ series on Saturday the 9th June. It is a weekly feature encouraging participation of new sports at grass roots level. This week, wakeboarding will be broadcast to the nation and beyond, every hour from 0700 on Sky Sports News Channel 405. Badminton’s Olympic Silver medallist Gail Emms, Milton Keynes resident, will be challenged to get involved with wakeboarding.

GB wakeboarders Sarah Kingdom, Chloe Goudie and Will Manns are featured to help illustrate what’s possible out on the water to Gail. She has lived just two minutes from Willen Lake for the past 10 years and has always wanted to give it a go. On Saturday the 9th of June she be doing exactly that. She’s already booked in to have another go, and it’s hoped this feature will encourage others to get involved as well.

The feature will be on Sky Sports News Channel 405 on Saturday the 9th of June from 0700 onwards.

For more information and to watch the VT (from Saturday onwards) please go to
www.skysports.com/getinvolved or click here.

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