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We recently caught up with video master Chris Flaxman who is currently working on a fully exclusive cable wakeboarding film called ‘PENNY’. Featuring some of the best riders in the world we were keen to know more, we ask Chris a few questions about the film…

WP: Hey Chris, How’s its going?

CF: Hey Wakepress, I’m well, thanks.

WP: So everyone must be thinking, why is it called PENNY?

CF: Good question, in Australia we abbreviate everything! If your name is Matthew, well your called Matt or Matty, depending on the sentence it’s used in. So we all call Penrith, PENNY, and thats it.

WP: What are your ambitions with PENNY?

CF: I just wanted to make a cable film.

WP: Do you think videos are the way forward in pushing wakeboarding?

CF: I think videos are a great way to showcase wakeboarding. It’s hard to say what or who pushes wakeboarding. It’s such an individual thing. Everyone does it different. That’s one of the things I love about it. Plus its fun.

WP: How big do you expect PENNY to go and how big would you like it to go?

CF: I don’t expect anything, I have no idea really could be big or it could be small. Thats not why I’m making the film. I love making films and was keen to make a cable only one.

WP: What inspired you to do the film?

CF: I love riding cable and of late there have not been a lot of cable only films been made. So I thought why not make one. Cables Wake Park have been very supportive of the making of the film. Gave me as much lake time as I wanted.

WP: What can we see from PENNY?

CF: PENNY is a cable film shot at Cables Wake Park. My home cable.

WP: Who’s going to feature in it?

CF: Riders include Nico von Lerchenfeld, Andy Kolb, Marc Shuster, Daniel Grant, Matty Hasler, Tom Fooshee plus James Windsor, Ethan Agius, Angelika Schriber and a few more.

WP: Who was your favourite rider to work with?

CF: It would have to be Nico. One, I love the way he rides and two, he knew what he wanted and was not happy till he got it.

WP: Is it all at one location?

CF: Yeah the film is shot entirely at Cables in Penrith.

WP: Are we are going to see anything new in Penny?

CF: You will have to find out! One thing you will see is a lot of left foot water tricks, well a few anyway.

WP: It is already done? Or still in the making?

CF: Lets say close to done. I have finished filming and have 95% of the film cut. It’s hard to say it’s done because it’s so easy to tweak something after playback.

WP: Release date?

CF: It’s looking at being July but still not sure.

WP: Is it going to be free, downloadable, disc, price?

CF: Looking at being a file download, hopefully iTunes and should be around $10.

WP: Well thankyou very much for your time, and we can’t wait for the finished piece!

CF: Cheers Wakepress!

PENNY Trailer-

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